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Originally Posted by ronray43 View Post
Colorado is doing 1 singles and 2 doubles. Of course, no one asked the players what they wanted to do. Since most of the league players are 40+, my bet is the vote would have been 5 lines for 40+ and 3 lines for 18+. But, we weren't asked . . . very typical of USTA.
I'm guessing this is driven, in part at least, by the clubs and facilities.

Adding another league is only going to add team matches, it isn't just a pure split of the prior 18+ league (more players may play, some will play in both leagues) and if both leagues were to use 5 courts, this means USTA league matches are using more courts than past years which reduces court availability for other matches.

At clubs where members expect to be able to book courts and don't just want to see USTA matches using all the courts, particularly on weekends, the clubs/facilities response is to want these matches to use just 3 courts which limits the additional courts they need to set aside for USTA league matches.

Then, while I disagree with this, some might think that 40+ teams will have a harder time fielding singles players so the response is for the 3 court league to be the 40+ one so they only have to field one singles court.
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