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Fantastic post. Exactly what we have done. You do have to teach them to carry themselves properly. My girl shows up in mirror shades and has a quiet confidence. At the first tournament a boy around 13 said to his friend "that little kid has swag"....hard to get a compliment from a boy that age!
I could picture her when I read the description of what she wore to her first tournament. Love it! Sounds like skater/rock star/tennis girl with tude. One of my players with quiet confidence was also really stubborn which was actually a great trait on the court. Was not willing to give anything away! She'll handle herself and the craziness of tennis just fine. You seem to be enforcing "be true to yourself" in your approach to tennis and life versus joining the crazy marching band all trying to do the same thing and keep up with each other. Enjoy the path you are on and you just may pass them on the road.
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