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Originally Posted by Towser83 View Post
Wow, lower case letter AND went to the trouble of using the size button to make the letters small.

Hypocrite of the highest order. Acusing me of spelling Nadal's name with a lower case n on purpose as some bizarre form of insult (despite the fact that sometimes i put a "N" and sometimes a "n" - so not consistantly lower case, and I miss capitals a lot in general) I told you that YOU invented this lunatic idea of insulting a player and here is the proof - you going one step better and making their name small No possible way to explain it as accidental, no way it could be your predictive text on a phone like what happens to me sometimes. Totally premeditated.

You are one strange person.

Hey 'sensitive' one, i never said it was an accident. I 'certainly' did it on purpose; just like I purposely just used the word certainly to confuse your tiny brain...

any other questions

BTW; I've been spelling rosol like that for a while now (symbolizing his incredible insignificance). If you'd paid better attention, instead of mastering the art of duplicity, you'd know that!
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