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I agree. One of the problems my daughter has is she sometimes hits too flat. Im thinking i can use the racket to do some mind tricks with her. If she knows her racket is made for hitting spin then she might think spin more often. I know im looking for short cuts. The same thing happened with me back when prince made the chang extended length racket. For some reason i really started to go after my serves because all the hype about the racket was with the longer racket you could serve bigger. Its funny how the brain works. Might just be a placebo affect.
I think as tennis parents we are kind of obsessed. Yesterday my son was running to his fh. Hopped one legged on his right foot and hits reverse fhs. Every time i hit cross court to him. For 5 minutes. I asked him wtf are you doing and to practice how you play matches. He told me to loosin up. He is just having fun. Oops, lol.
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