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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
That doesnt mean squat. Vaidisova and Lucic had the weapons to win slams, but they were done as respectable pro players by 20 (or in Vaidisova's case done as a pro player period). There are many facets besides having a big shot or two that go into having a successful career and Kvitova doesnt seem to have it at all, long range anyway. Atleast she can comfort herself that she already had a pretty good career if the best is already in the past (which it almost certainly is). A Wimbledon and WTA Championship title, and the real #1 player of 2011. Wozniacki too has had a good career for herself if the best is already in the past (which it probably is as well). Although not even as good as Kvitova's.
Yea, but Kvitova actually won a slam; she crossed that threshold unlike Vadisova (lol @ you mentioning Lucic)...

I think Kvitova is having a year and a half to 2 year 'sophomore slump'. She needs to get a handle on her fitness and allergies; once that happens she'll be back in contention.
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