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Originally Posted by Don't Let It Bounce View Post
IIRC, the claim when Bosworth/Fox first introduced that decagon shape was that the angles provided a more uniform string response (the reports of players who have used it seem to bear this claim out) and greater torsional stability vs regular, curved frames.

It sure sounded like they did. Lendl and Navratilova were quite outspoken about the Boz being the best racket they ever hefted. Living up to the terms of sponsorship, I suppose... Which Head did Navratilova pick up, and what did Lendl switch to?
Martina walked out on court with 2 Head Extreme Pro 2's.(by looks)
It was not a big production just, two racquets no bag. All the other players had bags and, Hingis had 2 different type of Yonex racquets and, hit a few balls with each before picking one to,play with.
I forget what, Lendl plays with now but, i would guess Head since he is coaching Murry.
Some people on the forum have bought Bosworth racquets but, move on.
Like Donnay there was a lot of hype and, again you see the 2 for 1 sale also, Yanna Wickmayer there own countrys player dumped them pretty quick!
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