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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
I guess with enough time passing, there will eventually be some nostalgia for any player. Martinez was not a popular player at all when she played(in fact I think the consensus among fans & media at the time was that she was one of the most boring players to watch - her matches with Sanchez-Vicario may have been an alltime low for womens tennis. at the time.)

I wonder what youtube clips 12 years from now will cause fans to reminisce fondly about today. radwanska-wozniacki?
I agree. That Graf-Seles-ASV-Martinez-Sabatini-MJF-Pierce-Novatana generation was my prime tennis watching years. And, you're totally correct. Martinez wasn't a draw. She didn't have a huge fanbase. And, she was generally considered boring.

But, I always liked her for some reason, and I paticularly liked her tussling with more attacking or crafty players. So, for me, this isn't a case of remembering the past as being better than it actually was. I actually liked watching her back then, even though most didn't.
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