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Originally Posted by 10isfreak View Post
I'd like to discuss a few issues on the one handed backhand.

Firstly, what sort of take back would be ideal? What pro players seem to have a take back which is easily emulated, which one is a good model for this?

Secondly, is the one handed backhand fit for the modern game? At the pro level, for men or women and for amateurs in general.

Thirdly, whose one handed backhand is the best on the tour? This seems silly to some, but it could be measured... here, the best means, that over infinitely many rallies in all possible conditions, the best backhand would earn the most point out of them all.
I would use Tommy Haas as a model. Nice economical strokes (both forehand and backhand). Who has the best one hand backhand on tour is debatable-Gasquet, Almagro, Wawrinka are often listed as having the best.
Finally, having a one hand backhand can work in the modern game as these players plus, of course, Federer have proved. It is all up to the individual, although people often find the two hand easier to learn.
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