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Originally Posted by USS Tang View Post
Continental on all strokes for me. Comes naturally to me, but maybe that's because it was standard instruction 50 years ago. If you have doubts about the efficacy of the continental grip, watch any video of Ilie Nastase. A good one is 1972 U.S. Open final on You Tube.
Wasn't the 1972 US Open final on grass? Wasn't the conti widely used on tour for groundstrokes when 3 of the 4 majors were played on grass? Is not the conti optimal for a low bouncing court surface like grass?

Sorry to be a bit sarcastic in tone but you get my drift.

Yes, you can play really good tennis even today with a conti grip but soft E and SW grips are really more suited for todays game, surfaces and equipment. I am in my mid 50s and play and practice with a lot of guys that still use a conti and they play very good tennis. By the way, almost all these conti ground stroke players like the ball below the waist off the ground. They can crack a forehand if it is about thigh high. They also hate a topspin ball the bounces up about shoulder high.

Conti is great for serve - even required for high level serve. And conti is great for volleys. But, I would recommend soft E or SW for FH and E BH or 2 handed BH for someone learning the game today or for someone interested in learning the modern style.
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