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If Serena is that good, then show us the numbers. Steffi is damn good, AND she proved it with quality/quantity numbers. Safin is damn good, but no one is saying he's a goat. The only objective way to measures player's greatness is achievements.
Serena didnt have crazy fans running around stabbing her toughest competition, and her biggest career rival wasnt Sanchez Vicario. You once argued Seles was better than Graf, well Serena >>>> Seles so if you can say Seles is better than Graf, then one can easily say Serena is too. Speaking of Seles, look at all the problems Graf had with Seles before the stabbing, Seles was dominating her at one point, so just imagine what Serena who serves way better, hits harder, moves light years better, defends far better, and is better at the net than even pre stabbing Seles would do to Graf.
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