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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
Any details on the 'kneetendonitis' diagnosis? Where is the pain? Front knee cap area or other? Did the Dr tell you which tendon or joint might be involved in the pain especially since there are two very different joints in the knee area, the patellar-femoral joint and the knee joint. Did the Dr that you saw recommend any exercises or stretches to you?

I have read that cartilage does not have any/many? nerves. When my meniscus was torn I stopped tennis, after just a few weeks my knee felt great, no pain, much smoother motion than when I was playing tennis. I'm sure that I still had a torn meniscus at that point.

I believe, but am not certain, that many knee pains appear only when adjacent tissue or bones that have nerves, unlike cartilage, become involved in the injury maybe through inflammation. I guess, but don't know, that cartilage damage could occur and it would not be apparent by pain. ??
Well i dont think theres anything physically wrong with my knee accept for an inflammation, i got the injury from running up stairs and tend to crying babies, not from playing tennis, however it was sustained due to me continuing with the tennis despite the soreness. The only thing that hurts is the patellar tendon if that helps? I didnt get any closer diagnosis then that. I did not get any exercises or anything like that from this doctor, the exercises im doing right now are things i saw on the internet that had to do with knee tendonitis....
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