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Originally Posted by Chotobaka View Post
You don't know what you don't know. You have to have played all the Fischers to get it...

Bear, was the Tour the 98 or the 100? I am a multiple NOS Fischer owner. I currently have several Pro No 1 Magnetic Speed 98's in SL, UL and X-UL; Pro 98 Ceramic Air Carbon (the last ceramic, 330g with the crazy 55-57 recommended tension range); A couple of Pro No 1 Magnetic Speed 105 SL's I have been thinking about getting the Tour or Tour Extreme -- the older ones, black and yellow head and silver on both sides of the throat. I also have several Pacific's which are also terrific racquets.
i played with my old 105 sl today and im asking myself why i ever put that racket down . it does everything well are you looking to unload one of your 105 sl rackets . do the pacific rackets retain the buttery fischer feeling i have been eying the comp which basicially is a 105 ul . slap a leather grip on it and some lead and voila a resurrected m-speed 105 sl anno 2013 !

on another note would the pacific pallets and buttcap fit the magnetic line , i really would like some more pronounced flare on the magnetic 105 .
New holy grail head radical tour mp xl candycane strung with rpm blast at 55 pounds !
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