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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
I have one original VS Team NG(non-BT7) and a few Wilson NG.

I was pondering if I should stock large number of Wilson NG before Babolat's BT7 trickle down to Wilson NG.

You know Babolat does OEM for Wilson NG. I wonder if Babolat will soon switch to BT7 for Wilson also (for saving cost, I guess).

I don't know when "ThermoGut" coating was introduced. Did that coating propagate to other OEM NG's Babolat manufactured for other brands fairly quickly?
I bought as many sets of Wilson/Prince natural gut I could afford because we all know the end is near. Who knows how much longer they will have before all of it becomes that terrible BT7 and given the recent bump in price, makes it even more ridiculously priced for what you get.

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