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Originally Posted by Mongolmike View Post
Just to be clear for my future reference, after the 2nd set ends and you are now going to start a match tiebreak, you ARE allowed a 3 minute (approximate) rest time, correct?

Then once the match tiebreak starts, you are not supposed to take a rest on side changeovers, not even to stop for a quick drink by your gear, correct? (But if both players are in agreement to grab a quick drink and towel-off... that is ok in the spirit of the game, correct?)

Also, a match tiebreak is like a new set in that for doubles either player can serve first and again in doubles you can now switch sides also, correct?
Correct, mostly.

No rule that you can't take a drink and towel off in a TB changeover. Just a normal between point time frame 25-30 seconds. Do what you will in that time frame.
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