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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
Im just sooooooo happy now that i truely know that she is doing this for herself. We had a long talk and she told me daddy i use to play to make you and mommy happy but now i realize i do really love tennis. Since we got back from the tournament she has been tennis crazy. I got home from work yesterday and saw her across the street practicing her serve. I almost had a heart attack. I went in her room last night and she was watching the Australian Open. Its been a GOOD week!!!!!!
That's awesome GA. The beauty is if there's true "love" you will see and feel it without saying or doing anything. The other day, we were driving back from hitting and my daughter, on her own, calls my wife to ask for our Comcast email password so she can view the AUS Open on her iPad (which she bought after saving money from jobs for 1 yr.). I look over and she is watching her favorite player (Venus Williams) play while I drive . . . that my friends, is LOVE. I smiled and said to myself, "she'll be just fine."

Then, we get home and she says she needs to call her tennis coach. She finishes the call, and I ask what she talked about and she says, "strategy for my upcoming tournament" (no more details), then goes back to do her homework . . . finishes her homework and turns the TV to the AUS Open.

We wanted an independent strong willed thinking young girl and we are getting it . . . I love it!!!
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