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Originally Posted by Doubles View Post
The tournament is by no means missing John. If John had entered, he would have eventually run into Delpo where he would have been destroyed in straight set, and we would have been robber of watching Tim Smyczek. When are you going to get this through your head: aces mean next to nothing when the rest of your game is below average. If he's this good, why does he only have 5 titles? Why is his career record 165-109? Why hasn't he won a slam yet? Isner deserves to be a pro, but you're VASTLY overrating him.
The courts are playing very quick this year did you see how well Del Po serving today? 4 aces to close out the match!! Sure he's a great player and a contender but he would have had a mighty tough time getting John's serve back in play on that surface.

Serve and huge forehand combo on a quicker court and it's job done! Querrey said these are the quickest courts he has played on in a Grand Slam!
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