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Originally Posted by ATP100 View Post
Don't buy one, very few actually like them when they use them.
That opinion does not reflect what my experience has been.
I have had a Wise 2086 that I purchased used maybe 10 years ago. I average about 250 to 300 racquets strung a year. I purchased a diablo for my unit,but haven't had to spend anything else on it. I followed the recommendations to lube the bearings in the gripper and I have had zero problems.
Last spring I purchased a 2nd machine with a constant pull electronic head and I use it more then my Ektelon H/Wise combo BUT, I miss the foot activation of the Wise and can't say I've measured a difference in the tension consistency.
If you can find one near you, go for it. I don't think it would make sense to buy a used one that has to ship across the Atlantic though.
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