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Originally Posted by RollTrackTake View Post
Back-story: After winning the league with shocking ease last year, half of my 4.0 team was bumped to 4.5 including our team captain. So my club decided to field two 4.5 teams and let the remaining 4.0 guys play up. With only 7 guys still at 4.0 and seemingly not enough new recruits (I seriously doubt how hard they tried to find players) there was no 4.0 team this past fall. So I played 4.5, went 2-6 and I think improved my game a bit. This winter season I'm being moved to doubles on the 4.5 team. I was thinking of trying to get a 4.0 team going again. Partly so I can play more competitive singles, partly so I can kick a little arse and talk smack at the watercooler.

my question for you enlightened TT posters: How much work goes into being a captain for a USTA team?
It ranges... anywhere from a lot of work to a heaping ****load of work.

Recruiting players, arranging lineups, getting people to respond, dealing with last minute injuries / cancellations, keeping people happy, team dynamics / politics, etc.

It's not just the time involved, it's also the mental headache!

The level of time and headache will depend on the nature of the team, the team members, and your own personality.

Having said all that, it can be very satisfying to be a captain, especially once you get a good team going (good meaning not just strong, but also fun with good team dynamics). Figuring out lineups and so on can also be fun depending on what you enjoy.

I tend to captain for a couple of seasons, get sick of it, sit out captaining for a season or two, miss it, captain for a couple of seasons, etc, all in a twisted cycle.
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