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Originally Posted by luvforty View Post
choice question - is Federer so successful

a) because of his 1hbh or
b) despite his 1hbh

it's a touch question.. on one hand (no pun), he leads in 2nd srv points won%, but lags in all return stats - 1st, 2nd srv return pts won, bp conversion... therefore you can argue that if he has 2hbh and had any sort of return stats close to what rafa, joker or murray has, he'd have even more success.

on the other hand, one can argue that his 1hbh helps him in leading in the serve game (he is #1 in 2nd serve points won).... but that argument is a little more difficult to establish.

even though myself play 1hbh, I believe the answer is b).... and the empirical evidence of what the top 100 or 200 use is pointing that way also... the 2hbh is the better suited for the top guys.

on the rec level, can be entire different story.
you make important points, but what is the breakdown of the serve return stats that are to the backhand? we need to know this to factor for sure that it is the single backhand issue that is the determining variable and not some other factor (maybe he's trying to hit forehand winners off the return?)


In addition to tommy haas i think gasquet is a good model to follow as he manages to hit a variety of shots with his backhand. he rallies with it a lot and in many cases it is more formidable than his forehand (e.g. his Doha final match against Davydenko a few weeks ago).

check out federer as well as there are lots of videos of his backhand online.
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