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Originally Posted by tlm
To dandy2fast,You may be correct but do you have any proof of this?I have done my own racquet at least 15 time like this+my wifes which is different 6 times with no problem.

I am not saying you are wrong,i really dont know.I do have a 6 point mount system which may help.But after so many time of doing this with no problem,it just makes me wonder if it is okay.
I think another thing you might want to look at is the tension of the mains. Say for instance you use a standard 16g poly in the mains and a synthetic in the crosses that breaks after 2 weeks. Is it possible to restring just the crosses and leave the mains? Yes, it's definitely possible, but is it possible to get the same feel using the mains for a 2nd or even 3rd stringjob? That answer is a resounding no. If a string were able to hold 100% of its tension, then it would be theoretically possible, but no string holds tension that well. When you go to string it that second or third time, your mains could be down to 30-40 pounds of tension (which by the way, you would have almost no possibility of determining). While it may be perfectly possible to restring just the crosses a number of times, it's not really recommended because it lacks anything that would be reproduceable. I suppose if it doesn't bother you, you can't tell the difference, and you aren't stringing for other people that pay you, then it's fine, it's just not suggested.

As far as frame safety goes, that's another topic that I don't feel needs to be covered. I suppose you could always bring that topic up at GSS or with the people at the USRSA and see if they agree with you, but I'm pretty sure they will all say that it just isn't worth it and it is not good practice. Honestly, how much money do you save by reusing mains per stringjob? To me it just seems dumb to potentially damage a frame and certainly end up with a completely different feel from the last string job over a couple of dollars.
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