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Originally Posted by tlm
To dandy2fast,You may be correct but do you have any proof of this?I have done my own racquet at least 15 time like this+my wifes which is different 6 times with no problem.
Hard to prove it without showing you a live frame breakage, like it is hard to prove to the guy who crossed the road blindly 15 times that it is a risky way to do, because he may cross the rods event 50, 100, 200 times or more before the bad day...

Originally Posted by tlm
I am not saying you are wrong,i really dont know.I do have a 6 point mount system which may help.But after so many time of doing this with no problem,it just makes me wonder if it is okay.
You wonder if it is okay? Well it is not, even on a 6 point mount system.

You know, during a professionnal stringer's formation, they wont actually break frames to prove to the students what is wrong to do, they will only tell you what to do and what not to do, and will at best take the time to explain you why. Knowledge is often transmitted from mouth to mouth, and the best way to do is to trust the peoples who earns the knowledge when explain you somethin ;, and the knowledge about the subject of this thread is typically what pro stringers do transmit from mouth to mouth.
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