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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
Her results have gotten worse the past 4 majors (she did worse in the French SF than at the AO SF). With her form after the USO this match with Robson could have been on grass and it would be a good chance the result would have been the same.

I've been saying for a while that she doesn't like the spotlight. She's too next-door girly. And she gets really impatient. Constructing a point is not in her vocabulary. What did she do in the off-season other than goof off?
Hard to tell but maybe her game simply can not progress anymore. She already has probably all the tools, hard to do better from there.

Her RG SF was out of pure luck -- her draw was particularly weak and even so she struggled against couple girls like Shvedova before she had met the most in-form player losing in straights.

Her margin on grass IMO is still the highest after Serena Williams but I'm really intrigued with her declining fitness, footwork [...] how well she'll keep performing on this surface knowing that it requires so much precise movement to be offensive.

I've been saying she needs a new coach. The Czechs and Slovaks just play bang-bang tennis. The moment they get thrown a curve ball they all fold according to the script. It's like she plays without a purpose these days. Her serve is overrated and predictable. The moment her serve falls apart, her game just goes downhill. She has many talents and skills she doesn't utilize and/or just forgets about when she plays. That's the real frustrating part.

She is a mental headcase. She needs a wake-up call.... SOON!
I'm generally not into the 'because a player fails, she/he needs to push the Master caution alert button' and change everything, coach, fitness coach etc. -- nevertheless, it's possible that the Kotyza contribution might have reached it's limits and Petra might probably need a new talk.

It's risky, a change can go either way, positive or negative but conceivably it's difficult to see Petra tone down her game if she also in parallel doesn't drastically improve her fitness (defensive, counter-punching skills) to be able to stay in points longer.

Power is the main motor of her game so I can understand when in difficult moments that she tries to rely on what she does best [...] but I can understand that she needs to change that mentality.
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