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Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
My daughters frames are over a year old. Im sure the 70flex is probably about a 60 now after being restrung weekly. I know she needs new frames. Im just trying to spice things up a little with the wilson.
Originally Posted by ga tennis View Post
I just hate to demo the racket because demos are always strung with some god awful synthetic and play like a trampoline. I wanna get one and put my magic on it. 18G BLACKCODE MAINS 17G BIPHASE CROSSES 51LBS
ga - some questions. Do you replace her frames each year? Do the frames really "need" replacing after a year? Also curious as to how you feel about poly hybrid at 10 years old. Do you think she really benefits from it? Do you worry about her arm?

Not being facetious here. It's just that I've not seen someone this age needing so much attention to equipment. If I didn't know, I would have thought you were talking about an ATP player.
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