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Patellar Tendinosis or patellar tendinopathy - very specific location, correct?
Tendinosis -
Effectiveness of tendinosis treatments -

What is the root cause of your injury? Acute injury, tight muscles, other? You should be able to go up and down stairs with babies...... If the cause were tight muscles, the cause is probably still there and it could be worse as it depends on your lifestyle and current activity level. Most injured people don't deal with underlying posture issues or find physicians who have the specific knowledge to diagnose posture issues.

I had anterior pelvic tilt for many years, despite a lot of tennis, and did not know it. 5 weeks of stretching the rectus femorus and it went away.

I don't know much about this website or patellar tendinosis but it says anterior pelvic tilt can lead to patellar tendinitis due to tight muscles. Consider this cause as just one possibility until you can confirm a diagnosis and find a cause. Be sure to look at the great video, the 1st one, on the anterior pelvic tilt page. Very entertaining presentation and descriptions. Conditioning stretches that are designed to lengthen a healthy tendon - especially the advanced stretches on this website - may farther injure injured tendons so wait until you can see a Dr.

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