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Originally Posted by PED View Post
Like Fena said, not really sure of Pep's ultimate coaching ability, TBH, I could have coached that Barca squad to the title
That is something that has been talked about quite a bit. Vilanova is doing just as good a job so far, maybe he will tail off, but with the squad they have there it seems unlikely.

That's the main reason i'm a bit disappointed to see him go to Bayern Munich, the structure they have there is similar to Barcelona in some ways and I feel he's taken the easy option to stay in a relative comfort zone.

I'd of much prefered to see how he would do trying to do something at Man City or Arsenal. I think managers get judged on the job they do under tougher circumstances, say what you like about Mourinho, he's done some incredible things through pure coaching and getting the most out of what he has to work with. People still talk about the things Ferguson achieved with Aberdeen some 30 years ago, he then came to England and knocked Liverpool off their perch, as he likes to say. Surely the opportunity to come and do the same for City, by winning title after title against the great Man Utd would of been a huge opportunity for an ambitious manager.

I'd of liked to of seen him try and push himself, but hey, will be interesting to see how he does anyway.
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