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Default Wood Rackets. Any Diamonds in the Rough?

I started acquiring some wooden rackets mainly from garage sales when I was in high school. I particularly enjoyed the rackets that had the players faces. They became mostly for decoration and I don't know very much about wooden rackets but I am wondering if any of these are rare/desirable to any of the TT posters. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link to the Flickr image. Below is a list of all the rackets pictured. Rackets 1-3 are top row, 4-6 middle row, 7-9 bottom row.

(Start at above and click newer for correct order)

Pic 1
1. Wilson Imperial Jack Kramer
2. Wilson Pro Model Don Budge (young) “Famous Players Series”
3. Wilson Personal Tony Trabert
4. Dunlop Maxply Vincent Richards
5. Wilson International Mary K. Browne
6. Bancroft Wimbledon King
7. Wilson Golden State Bobby Riggs
8. Dunlop Evonne Goolagong
9. Dunlop Autograph Evonne Goolagong

Pic 2
1. Chemold Tournament Rod Laver
2. Wilson Super Stroke Bruce Barnes
3. Wilson Valiant Jack Kramer
4. Wilson Match Play Alice Marble
5. Regent Jaguar Don Budge (old)
6. Wilson Valiant Mary Hardwick
7. Wilson Super Stroke Jack Kramer
8. Wilson Pro Special Don Budge (young)
9. Wilson B B Ellsworth Vines

Pic 3
1. Wilson Finalist Maureen Connolly
2. Regent Driver Alex Olmedo
3. Dunlop Autograph Frank Froehling
4. Gold Palm George Lott
5. Chemold Margret Court “Winner of 1970 Australia, French, Wimbledon, USA”
6. Wilson Finalist Frank Sedgman “Famous Players Series”
7. Wilson Bobby Riggs “Famous Players Series”
8. Wilson Signature Model Ellsworth Vines “Famous Players Series”
9. Dunlop Autograph Marty Riessen

Pic 4
1. Spalding Top Flite Pancho Gonzalez
2. Blue Flash Ken-wel
3. Bancroft Wimbledon Bjorn Borg Model
4. MacGregor Autograph Frank Parker
5. Wilson Stylist Tony Trabert
6. Penn Centre Court
7. Wilson Stylist Tony Trabert
8. Slazenger Personal Ken Rosewall
9. Wilson Autograph Chris Evert

Pic 5
1. Slazenger Challenge “Bamboo Rim” “Quality Product Featuring Cane” “Famous Player Series” Alice Marble
2. Slazenger Clipper
3. Stalwart
4. Wilson Autograph King
5. Pennant Perfection
6. Rawlings Signature Earl Buchholz
7. Wilson Chris Evert
8. Donnay Elite
9. PDP Fibergraph

Pic 6
1. Spalding Rosie Casals
2. Donnay has “your choice” “my choice” either side
3. Spalding Pro Champ Pancho Gonzalez
4. Tad Davis Classic
5. Tad Davis Hi-Point
6. Bancroft All-American
7. Pilot
8. Tad Davis Professional
9. Bancroft Prestige

Pic 7
1. Wilson Autograph Butch Buhholz
2. Bolles Brendamour Wimbledon
3. Wilson Chris Evert
4. Wilson Jimmy Connors
5. Spalding Professional Ashley Cooper
6.Wilson Match Play Mary Hardwick
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