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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Guardiola going to Bayern Munich doesn't really come as a big surprise. They're obviously the best team in their league, with the best squad. They probably should of won the Champions League last year, there isn't really alot of work needed to be done.

I thought Man City would of been the best choice personally, they're building for the future with their new academy and it would of been a great opportunity for him to bring through youngsters. Man City also don't really have a specific identity like Man Utd, Arsenal, even Chelsea to an extent. The chance to better himself and go head to head with Ferguson and Man Utd would of been something you'd of wanted to see. Also for him to push them on in the Champions League and make the club his would of been a big incentive.

I suppose he was scared of going up against the team he wants to manage next in Man Utd. Barcelona, Bayern then Man Utd? Say what you like about Mourinho, doing what he did with Porto, an unfashionable club like Chelsea, then bringing the glory days back to a fallen giant and 3rd team in Italy shows how Guardiola seems to be taking the easy way out.

I'm glad he won't be at Chelsea, I think he's overrated personally and the fit in general wouldn't of made much sense. I just hope it doesn't mean we have to keep Benitez!
Oh get off it, you would have been over the moon had he chose Chelsea. I would be too.

Rafa hasn't been awful the whole time though, he's gotten it 200% right a few times so far in his reign. But I think lots of people could with Chelsea's first XI.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
^^^ Disappointed Pep won't be coming to the Prem. For a while I thought he might be Man City bound. Suspected Chelsea might not be quite to his tastes. Anyhow, will be fascinating to see if he can make a success of himself at Bayern. For me the jury is still out on him as he had such a stellar side at Barca with the likes of Messi, Inniesta etc at his disposal. Mind you, as indicated above, Bayern are a superb team, so, we'll see...

Isn't Benitez a serious contender for Real?
I'm sure with the football Chelsea have shown to be capable of this season and the availability of Madrid's hotseat will see Benitez take over for a season until they get either Wenger, Klopp or next summer if Germany wins the World Cup, Jogi Lowe. Lowe or Klopp would be absurd at Madrid.

Originally Posted by PED View Post
Glad Pep had the good sense to stay the hell away from Red Rom.

Pep already has enough money that he doesn't need to sacrifice his dignity like Mourinho, Ancelotti, Big Phil, etc. The only guy who came out on top there is Hiddink and that's because he stopped on time.

Like Fena said, not really sure of Pep's ultimate coaching ability, TBH, I could have coached that Barca squad to the title

Anyone think Poldolski would play well up front as opposed to out wide?

He's not the quickest and hates to track back so that's a big problem when he leaves Gibbs exposed.
I think we all could have. But he knows a thing or two about youth development, which is the real lasting effect he had on Barcelona. Anyone with Messi in their team would do pretty well.
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