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Ok, played pretty well today. All things considered, probably slightly worse than an average day with the Wilson, but darned good for my first match with the Prestige.

I think with a month of play I would be a better doubles player with the Prestige than I am with the 90s. It is just a phenomenal doubles racquet for me. Doubles hides its weaknesses over the Wilson, and highlights its strengths.

Played 3 sets of dubs, and I returned from the Ad side.


Great. I was a bit worried going in since I had never served with the frame before aside from six that I hit after I was done with practice Saturday which landed closer to the baseline than the service line. Wasn't an issue today, I doubled twice in three sets. Serves seemed to have plenty of zip and opposing team said my ball kicked higher than usual.

I hit an assortment of hard topspin, 3/4 kickers, and full kickers for the most part mixed in a few sliders to the deuce court, and tried to belt one flat ball which I missed horribly with.

My wide sliders to the deuce were more to the center of the box than the corner, nevermind up the line where I wanted them, and my wide kickers to the ad side were usually wide into the doubles alley. So it seemed that most of my wide serves were landing further to my right than I wanted them to land.

All in all very promising on the serve, and I felt that I had it nowhere near timed or felt out so if it is this good at first blush, I think I will be very pleased with how it ends up.

Return: I struggled with the return for most of the first two sets, and then towards the end of the second, and for the entire third buckled down and concentrated which helped immensely. Returning I feel is my best strength, and I tend to use the force when I return, or just act off instinct, but I didn't always have the racquet pointed in the right direction because of its newness, and the grip shape. I found that I had to be very conscious of the angle and direction of the racquet face, and give it a bit more of a swing than I normally do with my 90s.

I am sure it will come right around with some more reps as I began hitting quality returns regularly in the third set.

I am going to string it a bit looser next time and I think that will give it just a hair more pop off of the block returns.


I didn't hit terribly many groundstrokes, but it performed admirably. The only thing I struggled a bit with was running forward to get a drop volley, or low dead slice, especially with the two hander. That is totally me though, not the racquet. I will be fine once I figure out the timing a bit better.

Volleys/Net: Exemplary. Awesome. Best volleying racquet I have ever used. Feels great, works great. Sneaky pop for when you are stretched out on a poach and can't get any weight behind the volley, or when you have to stretch all the way up for an overhead. I find that I make an astonishingly high number of half volleys with this frame, and assorted touch or reaction shots.


Very promising. I am going to buy another one or two, and play with them some more. String them a bit looser to get a higher launch angle, and let me take a more aggressive vertical cut at the ball which should help it kick a bit more.

I think the more I work on figuring out the timing of this thing the more it will come around to my way of thinking. Just need to figure out how to make it sing. Right now she is just humming a bit.

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