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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
I always start in my two handed return grip since my right hand (I'm a righty) is in Eastern FH grip. If I get jammed I can hit a (hopefully) clean forehand to start the rally, or slide over the 1 bevel to SW which is my standard forehand grip.

Since you use continental I'd probably use the 2HBH grip to start, because if worse comes to worse you can still slice it off the forehand if your grip switching ability isn't feeling up to par.

Alright thanks for the tips. One extra question: Do you have your left foot or your right foot in front before your return? David Ferrer does the more orthodox footwork with the right foot in front before the split-step. However, another greater returner, Kei Nishikori, actually has his left foot out in front. Is there a reason why he prefers that? Or is it just personal preference and what you are used to?
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