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I made the switch from 2hbh to 1hbh after I broke my left wrist about 4 years ago. After hitting the 1hbh for 6-8 months my left wrist had healed but I could not go back to the 2hbh. With loops on fh and bh being so much more prominent in the modern game (opposite of McEnroe straight back) the 1hbh felt better because my range of motion was greater. However, It has taken me until about now to feel fully confident in my backhand again. The hardest thing to adjust to was making contact about 3 or so feet farther in front with the 1 hbh. Second, when playing doubles and returning on the deuce side I always went with a 2hbh when driving the ball. I didn't have time to get shoulders, hips, and feet turned as is necessary to hit the 1hbh so much farther in front.
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