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Originally Posted by RAFA2005RG View Post
Well its at least 73 straight holds (I heard that late in the Brands match), which is impressive no matter who you play. And since the QF of Sydney he beat Nieminen (ranked 44), Mayer (ranked 28 ), Matosevic (ranked 49) and now in AO he beat Brands (ranked 120 but clearly playing well), and the other Mayer (ranked 72).
lol, that's really funny.. Nieminen is ranked 70 and is 31 years old.

Mayer is also an old guy who isn't obviously a top player.

Matosevic is...?? Bands...??

and are you saying not getting broken by these guys is something worth talking about here when he's facing the Great Federer??

70 straight holds isn't impressive when he was playing just easy low-ranked players, so it should definitely not be discussed when we're arguing whether he'll beat federer or not. Just pointless facts..
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