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Au contrare, I don't find the Viper Dry thick at all. If anything it seems thinner than Supergrap. Saying that, I do always pre-stretch out overgrips as not to impact grip size too much. But you are right, it is not absorbant, just dry feeling as opposed to tacky. There is obviously dry feel and absorbant and there is a difference.

I have recently started using Viper Dry and I think its really good. It has that rubbery feeling to it, similar to ResiPro, whereas Supergrap and Wilson Pro have that slightly spongy feel, which I guess gives them absorbant qualities.

In my experience, for tacky grips I would put Supergrap ahead of Wilson Pro, the tack seems to last longer. The tackiest I have found is Wilson Profile, but that one does feel thicker than most, but it certainly grips your hand back well. I tried TournaTac....a big no no for me. I didnt like that at all.

For absorbancy, probably hard to beat the original Tourna. The pros use it for a reason, but durability is an issue. Dunlop Hydramax isnt bad. Decent absorbancy and fairly durable.
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