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Originally Posted by Muppet View Post
Thanks for the tips Tom. I looked into Tennis Northeast about a year ago, but I found that I would need a car to be able to meet people for matches all around Greater Boston. I decided a couple of years ago not to keep up the expense of a car as I can get anywhere I need to go on public transportation. I guess Tennis Northeast is not a need for me. My budget is a lot more comfortable without carrying a car. When the outdoor season picks back up in May, I'll look for some more organized tennis to join.

I hope your Crohn's gets better soon.
Thanks Muppet. Isn't the bus service good enough there to get you around to the various courts? Tennis Fort Lauderdale - Boca Raton covers a pretty spread out area also. Since I'm the oldest guy in the league I make them come to my home court which is right down the street from my house. Once in a while I'll travel, but not too often. I guess you can't get away with that, eh?

Too bad, I think you'd enjoy it. The founder and chief league administrator is in your area. One of the coolest things about it is that they have an open, year-end tournament at Crandon Park in Miami every Nov.

Best of luck in finding a league this spring.

By the way, I apologize for the off topic sidebar to tennisfan2k, but he's in my area, and now in my league. We'll probably play our first match at courts that are between his home courts and mine, about 20 miles from my house.

One other thing. When I mentioned that I have no problem bageling 3.0s that doesn't mean that I normally bagel 3.0s (I don't) but rather that I don't care if it hurts their feelings or whatever. I get bageled more than I bagel. It's part of the game to use bad losses for motivation to improve.
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