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Originally Posted by kairosntx View Post
I like it! And I like MaSha's "Come on". Look at my first post in this thread. I was commenting on why people took offense to MaShas on court antics and praise other players behavior. I like to see the players personalities unless they are being a *&%$#, Which I don't think MaSha was doing but others apparently did. We all have our own preferences.
It's like the NBA, if you're up 20 with 2 minutes or so left, you stop playing your top guys and essentially pull the plug. Because the outcome of the competition has been decided already, no need to rub it in.

She was up a set, and a break. I understand you want to slam the door on the opponent (because time is infinite for tennis). So yeah, keep playing. But you dont need to be vocal about nearly every single winner and error when you're up a set and a break.
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