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Default Forehand Completely broken - any tips?

So about half a year ago, i finally discovered how to hit a great forehand. There was so much topspin, I felt like i had worked out the kinetic chain properly there was so much effortless power. However, for some reason, I have now lost it for nearly half a year now

I have meddled with my swing so many times trying to fix it but what has happened is now i am so confused with my swing. I dont know where to contact the ball or how to follow through. I feel like i am constantly arming the ball and muscling it. I am putting in so much more effort into hitting each shot but getting so little power compared to before so I think I am arming or muscling or something. Shots don't feel clean of the racquet. When you hit a clean shot with proper kinetic chain, the shot feels clean and pure. I literally havent had that feeling on my forehand side for half a year now. Everytime i contact the ball, it feels muddled and harsh, not crisp and clean. I have no control over where my shots are going and i find they always fly long now rather than into the net.

The forehand was my best shot from day one of tennis and this is literally worse than when i started playing. How did my forehand get so stuffed up! It was absolutely lethal six months ago, the balls were literally kicking up to nearly head height at a great pace with nearly little effort.

Any tips on where to begin to find my forehand again?
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