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^^^Not seen loads of her play, but seems to have a lot going for her.

Forehand looks good, but she pulls off it a little too often for my liking.

Serve looks tidy too, ball toss is on the high side so I wonder whether she is losing some potential momentum, but the timing seems to work for her, so no worries at the moment.

Backhand is a bit short (lacks extension) and punchy, which is a worry for me as she does't seem to move well laterally (especially to that backhand side) so she could often leave the ball short off that wing. Left hand looks very strong through contact, which would suggest she may struggle on the DTL backhand (pretty essential in the womens game).

Havent seen enough to know if she can get up the court, but is she's got a drive volley (very essential in the womens game) then she should do fine.

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