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Originally Posted by jxs653 View Post
In terms of build quality, Klipper is the winner. Gamma has too much plastics.
The plastic on gamma machines is just a cover over the metal base, so Klippermate really has no advantage in build quality. The main differences with those machines is metal vs composite clamps and ratcheting vs non ratcheting tension mechanism.

Originally Posted by hyperion99 View Post
I'm trying to look for a stringer around the $500 range.
Any thoughts ?
How much will you be stringing ?

Alpha Pioneer DC+ is $469
Gamma Progression II 602 FC is $499

Both are dropweight machines. Which is fine for results, but probably a bit slower than a crank (lockout), so if you're doing 1-2 a day a dropweight is great while if you're doing 5+ a day you may want a crank.

If you are doing a large volume and feel you need a crank then you have to decide if you want to:
1) pay $650-750ish for alpha or gamma
2) Look around for a used Neos 1000 type machine
3) Try Eagnas (many people have used Eagnas without problems, but if you have a problem, people seem to agree you're up a creek without a paddle)

p.s. I've ignored electric tensioning machines because at this price range I think most people will tell you to stay away from them.
Völkl PB10 Mid with some strings at some tension
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