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I strung up Dynamite Tough 16 last night. Man is that a rough string. They should have called it Dynamite Rough. Pulling the crosses it sounded like I was trying to start up a lawn mower!

I ended up going with 50 pounds tension but may end up regretting not going lower. The ball bounce test told me that it does not have much pop but loads of spin (at least until the roughness wears off). It feels like any other multi when you hit the sweet spot.

It had the most clear signal on RacquetTune that I've ever seen. Even though it is not a nylon string, it read 50.2 pounds on RacquetTune right off the stringer using the default string factor for nylon 1.3mm.

I plan on just hitting balls Sunday so I'll try out the Gamma Pro and the Ashaway for a few minutes each then.
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