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Originally Posted by Roforot View Post
There's got to be some people here using jump ropes considering how it's popular in boxing, crossfit, and agility drills. Anyone here who learned to jump as an adult?
Originally Posted by wallabeechamp View Post
Expert rope skipper here....

1. There is but 1 jump rope.

2. When not using your jump rope always hang it. A simple nail in a wall or door frame.

I'm pretty decent at it having done years of boxing and wallabee is 100% correct. I've had a Buddy Lee for lord, 6 years now? If you really want to train this skill, you need a rope which isn't just some poly strung between two handles. The problem you have is because your cable is simply too thick and it retains its memory. Two things fix this: storing it from the cable with the handles down, or speeding up your pace. Since you're starting, begin storing the cable with the handles hanging instead of with the rope wrapped around them.
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