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One drawback is that you will never dominate the return on the BH with a 1HB. You can chip them all in but a good server just needs to keep it into your BH side. The return on a first serve is basically a swinging volley. Even off a good serve, you can hit a pretty big return from your FH while on the defensive. However, you cant do this from the BH so easily. My theory about Federer's return stats is that he cannot punish a first serve from the BH side though he can get everything back with a chip. On 2nd serve, he can run around on the deuce side but not from the ad side since it opens so much ct up he has to hit a winner with the FH. This is the big matchup issue with Nadal. He can almost always guarantee at least a neutral ball rally every time he serves to the ad side.

Actually, I think this is actually specific to the Fed BH. Johnny Mac, Edberg and Lendl could punish the BH return because they tended to volley alot more from the BH side and BH volleys used to be more blocky than slice. Mac could really block his BH return with some pace. OTOH, Fed almost always slices his BH volleys. I dont recall ever seeing him hit drive volleys on the BH side.
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