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Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
To clarify things. If the flex is wrong, there is nothing one can do to make a racquet "feel" right. Also, racquet length needs to be correct at the start of the final stages of customizing. All the different parameters need to work together to get to a final end product. However, if something needs to change slightly due to whatever restrictions are placed upon me, I'm willing to change balance by a few millimeters rather than change swing weight or total weight.
Ron thanks for the response, but how can you change balance without changing either SW or total weight? I think you could move the weight to change balance without changing TW but the SW will change (although it may be so slight the PPTC can't detect it.) All the more reson to match SW, BP, TW, and length. You could add or remove weight to change balance and keep the SW the same but TW changes then. You could also change the balance point by increasing or decreasing total length but then your SW should change also.

I have never played around with a PPTC but how much can you move the balance point without changing the SW +\- 1 cm2kg?
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