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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I once asked a tennis instructor how to hit high bouncing balls like moonballs. I had been using the mindset to still get topspin by hitting up on the back of even the high balls with very poor results. My instructor said that there is not as much need for topspin to bring the ball down on a high ball.....

He said to hit across the back of the ball horizontally, using mostly or all sidespin. The racket moves mostly to the side, parallel to the net. I found that I could hit much better shots off of balls above my head height using this sidespin impact. I position the ball in front of my face - facing the net the ball is directly between me and the net - and not to the side as on a forehand.

I also will return using moonballs or high deep ones and wait for a moonball return that I can come in on to volley. Best for that is to wait until you have hit a high one that will impact near the baseline. Wait and when your opponent is distracted and turns for your high bouncing ball, sneak in at the last minute.
I can confirm this...

On very high balls, either on the backhand or forehand side, i will also hit less topspin and more sidespin...almost at 45 degrees or more...any spin will slow the ball down and cause it to drop, even backspin in some instances (but not all)
In other words, in a less than ideal situation, i will contact the ball with a groundstroke above my comfort zone or even above my head. It is important not to lean back though...
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