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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
Lala: I used to believe as you do- deliberate cheating by juniors was rare. Now I think dfferently because the evidence is overwhelming. A significant percentage of the top juniors deliberately cheat. I do not have sour grapes and I do not have a horse in this race. Of course, you have to teach your youngster that life isn't fair and all that jazz.
I've played adult and senior USTA since it started. There is a bit of cheating, but it is about 2-3% of what it is at the junior level. Adults sometmes allow the opponent to make the call when they don't have a good look- I've yet to see that in a junior match. Unfortunately cheating is part of the culture of American junior tennis.
That's an interesting way of looking at it. You're right. I have often let the opponent make a call for me, if I did not have a clear view. And have had the reverse happen.
But have never seen that in juniors. I guess you might be on to something. It's just so hard to call a kid a liar. Even to just acknowledge it to myself.

What is true's not just American kids. The international tournaments are far worse. Maybe because the kids are more invested, traveling overseas and all...but those kids and those parents would put the two "cheaters" I mentioned in my earlier comment to shame. They are just blatant, and hide behind the foreign language "barrier", but you can just ask a passerby to translate (not that you need that. You can tell, it's not a "c'mon" 5 minute instruction being yelled at the kid, along with finger twirls and whatever other gestures). Unfortunately, it's a worldwide juniour problem, I suppose. Hopefully, they will grow out of it. Or at least be forced to...bigger tournaments = more exposure/more officials.
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