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Default Gut Hybrid Problem

Hi guys,

I've recently took the plunge and bought a electronic stringing machine. As I now have the freedom to try new stringing setups (in my unmodded AG 200 Tour), I decided to try a gut/poly hybrid setup as follows: VS Touch 16 Mains 57lbs, Cyberflash 1.25 Crosses 52lbs. The gut as expected stays in position and snaps back how the cyberflash moves all over the place and causes a serious lack in control, especially when hitting with spin .

Any ideas what might be the problem?? Is it too much of a difference in tension?

I should note that I also strung up Pros Pro Vendetta 1.25 Mains 52lbs, Pro Red Code 16 48lbs and it plays fantastic with spin, control and power. The difference was night and day!! Would appreciate any advise. Cheers
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