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Originally Posted by Fedex View Post
Ah ok I didn't realise.
Mostly I'm looking forward to some great matches regardless, and Murray winning would be a bonus.
I find if you wish for a player to lose it can spoil your enjoyment of the tennis especially if you dislike players like the Murray's of the world who win most of their matches.
If Murray wins this AO are you going to let that spoil your enjoyment of the wholtournament? Think about it? Just appreciate the tennis and the fantastic players on show no matter who wins.
Looking forward to Djoko Wawrinka which could be a cracker and Fed Tomic.
Possible Del Po Murray match could be a classic then the meeting of them with prob Federer and lots of other goodies.
Lots to look forward to.
Good post fedex. lots to look forward to.
I wont let murray winning spoil my enjoyment if thats what you think but i will be disappointed. Its just banter alot of what is said on here I think some fans dont see it like that and take it too seriously and make loads of pro or anti threads .
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