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SignumPro Tornado 17G. I have been using this for over a year - very good textured string. I find SigPro and Tecnifibre polys last a little longer than other polys. Tecnifibre BlackCode 17G is a good 5 sided poly but it is not twisted like Tornado.

I also am trying the Tecnifibre RuffCode 17G but have not played it yet.

I would demo those 3. Look on the web and you can get a reel of RuffCode for $170 and TW will match the price.

Volkl cyclone is good textured poly but for me, not as good as above - durability not as good and feel/power not quite as good.

Kirshbaum spiky shark is on sale at TW and I think it might be one of the better low cost options. Kirschbaum polys have pretty good durability.

Lots on love on TT for the Tourna polys and they are cheap but I have not tried them.

Try SigPro Tornado, TF BlackCode, and TF RuffCode for premium poly feel and better tension maintenace - just my opinion.

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