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Originally Posted by spaceman_spiff View Post
Same here. Left hand set for backhand; right hand set for forehand. When it goes to my backhand, the grip change on the right is already part of the shoulder turn/backswing, so it doesn't add any time to the swing.

I actually do the same now when rallying. After a backhand, I leave the left as it is and change the right back to a forehand grip. After a forehand, I leave the right as it is and put the left back on the handle ready for a backhand.
I tried it for rallying too but it just didn't work for me. I don't know why. Grip changes during a rally are rarely a problem, even if my opponent is slammin' them at me, which is pretty typical, so I decided to blow it off and go with right hand in continental for rallying. The thing is, I hit every shot (serves, volleys, overhead, bh, and some blocked/chipped fh) with my right hand in continental except my fh, so there's some economy.
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