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there are 2 types of flips -

1) the closed to open flip - this typically happens if your footwork/balance is off and you have to reach forward to make contact... so make sure you have them adjustment steps going and don't plant the feet too early... swing in balance, that should take care of this problem.

2) the open to closed flip - this one is more common... say you want the face tilt 8 degrees forward thru out the swing.. but when you transition from the dog padding position to the forward swing, if you drop your elbow too low, or you hit it too late, you end up with less than 8 degrees, or even a face open to the sky, you miss long...... then... later in the swing if your core stops rotating and the arm yanks to the left by itself, the face shuts down to the ground and you miss short.

so you need to understand what is causing the flip, then take corrective action.
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