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Thanks. My goal is first to secure the playoff spot, then challenge the 4.0+ guys. You have been progressing steadily, based on your match scores. Hope you will be back soon.

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That's fantastic tennisfan2k! Man o man I'm chomping at the bit to get out there. Hopefully will be able to salvage the last half of the Winter Season.

Re the comparison of TLN ratings to USTA ratings. Hard to tell, since I've never played USTA. I feel sure that some of the TLN people would be rated a half point lower or so in the USTA. Some others (like me) I think would be about the same, and still others maybe a little higher. Anyway, the TLN ratings seem to be relatively accurate for the TLN leagues they're associated with.

If you win a majority of your matches this season (against similarly or higher rated opponents), then your rating will undoubtedly be increased, whereas with USTA my understanding is that this might not happen re your results in a two month period.

I see you played Tanaka and that the match was fairly competitive. Fantastic! From the score it looks like you were getting stronger as the match progressed. There's some vid of my latest match with him on my YouTube channel, 388mg.
(If you want any scouting tips, email me.)
Best wishes. Hope you make the playoffs and are a contender for the Winter Season championship.
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