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Originally Posted by adventure View Post
Yeah, it was a blatantly obvious bait post. As in "name your hero so I can attack him." Try harder next time, failboy.
Sure, it was sort of a bait post.

I'd pull the "hypocrite card" with respect to the public reaction to Armstrong (Bonds, Clemens, etc). Meaning, two things. First, the crowds were cheering and the sport was making tons of money off these guys when they were doing their thing. Now, the very same public and guys in the sport are acting as if they are "shocked" that such a thing was happening.

Second, I bet that everyone that is now demonizing Armstrong (Bonds, Clemens, etc) still has "closet roid hero's". Olympics, boxing, tennis, NFL, etc. It's just so simplistic to demonize the "poster boys" and give everyone else a free pass.

As for what Lance accomplished, I certainly wouldn't want to pit my resume against his. Is he perfect.......No. Is he an A-hole........absolutely. But that doesn't negate his accomplishments. You may not like him as a man. I don't either (and never have). But his accomplishments still stand.

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